We're looking for people like you to join us to strengthen our democratic republic.

The Georgia Democracy Resilience Network (DRN) is a cross-partisan initiative working for a more peaceful Georgia where everyone can participate and have their voices heard.

Together we keep democracy strong.

Free, fair, and secure elections are the cornerstone of America's democratic republic. A peaceful, democratic republic ensures the protection of individual rights, upholds the rule of law, and promotes stability.

How It Works

As polarization increases, so does the risk of political and identity-based violence. The DRN brings Georgians together who share a common concern for the future of our state and the mutual desire to build a more healthy democratic republic for all – regardless of political beliefs. Participants should:

A group of people shaking hands in agreement

Lead by Example

Promote peaceful resolution of disputes and differences through constructive engagement within your networks and across communities.

Checking the boxes

Promote Accurate Info

Share and create proactive messaging that promotes accurate information about our elections and build trust in our elections.

Hands shaking and taking action

Take Action

Counter acts of intimidation or violence through dialogue, conflict-sensitive communication, and rapid response planning.

Senior Advisors

Helping build a stronger democratic republic for all Georgians!

Led by Senior Advisors Democrat Dr. Rashad Richey and Republican Don Balfour, the Georgia Democracy Resilience Network (DRN) is a cross-partisan initiative working to bring Georgia together and bridge our political divides.

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